An Exclusive Executive Retreat

September 4th-7th, 2024

Somerset, UK

Are you part of the 4am Club, every morning asking yourself how to drive business performance with evermore complexity around you?

Do you feel stuck as a leader, although you seem to have all the competency it takes for the top role?

Maybe it’s time to step back and to focus on your inner game. Time to reshape your inner ways of being, doing and acting. Time to embrace awareness, compassion and wisdom, as the three ingredients transcending a ‚LeadingMind‘.


Connect to your inner game, step back and invite clarity.


Create space for profound reflection.


Cultivate a ‘LeadingMind’ for leadership excellence.

Join this 3.5-day immersive retreat designed for senior-level executives and key decision-makers in significant corporations and social enterprises, fostering powerful connections with peers.

Gain deep insights from neuroscience into how your ‘LeadingMind’ operates powerfully in a fast-paced and complex world, leading to enlightening „aha“ moments that reshape your inner landscape towards clarity.

Emerge as the enlightened leader of your own mind, others and your organization from this Immersive.

The Experience


In a serene setting surrounded by ancient woodlands, lakes, and meadows, our venue at 42 Acres offers the perfect backdrop to break free from ingrained habits.

Engage in mindfulness, constellation work, deep conversations, 1:1 coaching, and peer support, experiencing transformative insights that shed light on your ‘LeadingMind’.

Embrace challenges for personal growth and leave with a fresh perspective, new warm connections, and an inner shift, empowering wiser actions in your business life.

What’s in it for me?

Learn about the Neuroscience of the ‚LeadingMind‘, understanding the reasons why many leadership behaviors do not lead to success.

Learn how to integrate the most important 3 ingredients of excellent leadership: Compassion, Awareness and your Inner Wisdom.

Step back and out of your daily routine to gain completely new insights emerging from deep and critical reflection and inner clarity.

Engage with like-minded peers in a confidential, intimate setting and learn from each other.

Leverage unparalleled expertise from leaders Liane Stephan and Christian Greiser, renowned for their impactful roles and leadership insights.

Your Immersive Retreat Hosts

Led by industry thought leaders Liane Stephan and Christian Greiser, sharing their
personal leadership journey and how inner practices and a deep understanding of neuroscience has changed their ways of leading.

Christian Greiser

Christian, executive coach and author, draws on 25+ years advising C-suite leaders. Former Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group, he brings operational leadership experience and strategic insights. An engineer turned consultant, Christian guides thought leaders, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs through personal development, emphasizing values and strengths.

A Fellow of the Institute of Coaching, a McLean/Harvard Medical School affiliate, he integrates mindfulness, cultivated over 15 years with Zen masters, into coaching. Featured in Knowledge@Wharton and Forbes, Christian authored ‘Remove, Replace, Restart – the Essential Maintenance Manual for your Engine for Success‘ (GABAL). Based in Meerbusch and Corfu, he offers a unique blend of experience, strategic acumen, and mindfulness in his transformative coaching approach.

Liane Stephan

Liane, CEO of Awaris and Co-Director of Inner Green Deal, leverages 38 years of coaching and leadership expertise. Awaris, a global organization with subsidiaries across Europe, Asia, and South America, pioneers evidence-based interventions for inner development in corporate leadership. Liane, a dedicated and integrity-driven leader, extends her mission through coaching executives to achieve excellence.

Her extensive career spans corporations, NGOs, and post-conflict nationalization processes in Kosovo, Liberia, and Afghanistan. With an MA in Sport Science, Liane integrates contemplative methods, somatic approaches, systems thinking and deep inner development approaches. She holds a black belt in Aikido. Neuroscience is her latest exploration, enriching her profound understanding of human nature. She is known and respected for valuable and honest feedback, practical advice and her deep wisdom of the ‘LeadingMind’.

The Inner Development for the ‘LeadingMind’

In accordance with the Inner Development Goals


Awakening your self-awareness through curiosity. Here the Inner Explorer starts to unfold with Curiosity.


Clarity: How is your mind conditioned? How does it function? Settling into your values and starting to become familiar with your Inner Explainer.


Connecting deeply with others, infusing mind, heart and hand with Compassion. Unfold your Inner Bridge Builder.


Courage: Letting go of EGO. From EGO to ECO. The Networker. Let collective wisdom emerge.


The Catalyst: Making Decisions from a deep place of Wisdom. Unfold systems-awareness. Calmness will help to see reality as it is and adapt.

How will we spend our days?

This immersive retreat runs from 5:30 pm BST on Wednesday Sep. 4th until 2:00 pm BST on Saturday Sep. 7th, 2024.

Day 1

Arrival and check-in at 4:00 pm BST.
Group check-in at 5:30 pm BST.
Opening dinner.

Day 2

Begin with 40 mins of slow movement.
Explore skills for Being and Thinking with breaks, and lunch.
Networking dinner.
Share stories by the fireplace.

Day 3

Begin with 40 mins of slow movement.
Delve into skills for Relating and Collaborating.
Dedicated personal reflection time.
Shared dinner and buddy introductions.

Day 4

Begin with 40 mins of slow movement.
Deeply explore the skill of Wise Action.
Planning next steps.
Final lunch and goodbyes.



Total cost, including accommodation and food.

5.400,00 €

(plus VAT for Germans) including:

1080,00 €
for Accommodation in a
Single-Room & Full Board

300,00 €
for the Resilience survey

300,00 €
for the Pre-Webinar on the
26th August ’24 at 5-6pm CET (4-5pm BST)

*GBP Price may vary upon invoicing. These are approximate figures based on the exchange rate as of April 2024.

What to bring

Comfortable indoor/outdoor clothing

Raincoat, boots

Curiosity and openness

Resilience report